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    Pet Products Electric Vibration Cat Toys

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    Pet Products Electric Vibration Cat Toys

    Product: Electric Vibration Cat Toothbrush


    • Material: TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber), Safe for Cat Gums
    • 360-Degree Full Body: Ensures comprehensive dental cleaning
    • High-Capacity Battery: Supports USB charging for long-lasting use

    Description: Introducing our Electric Vibration Cat Toothbrush, a cutting-edge pet product designed to make dental care for your cat both effective and convenient. Crafted from safe TPR material suitable for cat gums, this toothbrush features a 360-degree full-body design for deep and thorough cleaning.

    Key Features:

    1. Safe and Durable Material: Made from TPR, a thermoplastic rubber that is safe for cat gums, ensuring both effectiveness and safety during dental care.

    2. 360-Degree Full Body: The toothbrush covers the entire tooth surface, offering comprehensive cleaning and reaching areas that traditional toothbrushes might miss.

    3. Deep Cleaning Action: The electric vibration provides a deep cleaning action, helping to remove plaque, tartar, and promoting overall oral health for your cat.

    4. High-Capacity Battery: Equipped with a large-capacity battery, the toothbrush supports long usage periods and is rechargeable via USB for convenient charging.

    5. User-Friendly Design: The toothbrush is designed for ease of use, allowing pet owners to provide effective dental care for their cats without causing stress.

    6. Quiet Operation: The toothbrush operates with low noise, ensuring a calm and stress-free experience for your cat during brushing sessions.

    7. Portable and Compact: The compact design makes it easy to handle and suitable for both at-home and travel use.

    Usage Tips:

    • Introduce the toothbrush gradually to allow your cat to become familiar with the sensation.
    • Use cat-friendly toothpaste for enhanced dental care.

    Make dental care a breeze for your cat with the Electric Vibration Cat Toothbrush. Ensure your feline friend enjoys good oral health with this innovative and user-friendly solution that takes the stress out of pet dental care.

    Материал: TPR
    Категория продукта: игрушки-грызуны
    Вес: 0,11 кг

    Содержимое упаковки:
    1 х игрушка



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